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We are team of young travel enthusiasts, who love our work as much as our freshly brewed coffee.
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Vishal Kejariwal Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer A heady contrast of relentless focus and an enviable social life, he perfectly embodies the concept of ‘work hard, party harder!’ His sharp business acumen and discerning approach to execution, is what takes our Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer ahead of the curve. When not shackled by a high-protein diet, our gym-fanatic boss guiltlessly digs into a jar of peanut butter. His versatile skill-set conjoined with humility and a bold vision, is what defines the magnificent leader in him.
Vishal Kejariwal
Abhas Desai Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer While most people get nervy around their bosses, ours takes away your jitters in the form of hilarious wisecracks. Being a voracious reader and technophile, it’s safe to call him the master of all trades. Our Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer makes sure his deep-rooted love for music echoes within the office at all times. A prolific leader, he’s the adhesive who binds us together into a close-knit family.
Abhas Desai
Ishita Maniar Head – America & Caribbean Her boundless energy makes her the life of every party. Being a great conversationalist and an ardent bookworm, she finds a deep sense of solace in words. Her analytical mind, when teamed up with a go-getter attitude creates ingenious ideas for our Central and American segment. With fiery eyes and a radiant smile, this powerhouse of talent is always ready to take on the world.
Ishita Maniar
Mansi Shah Head – Europe Highly accident-prone, she needs to be bubble-wrapped at all times. When not making others burst into bouts of laughter, she keeps herself busy by exercising her vocal cords. Skilfully handling Europe, she champions every task dished out to her. With a fierce passion and clear vision for her work, she pushes the boundaries to set higher benchmarks for herself.
Mansi Shah
Sagar Thakur Head – Africa, Asia & Oceania A compulsive gamer and football fanatic, his focus and grit towards everything he loves visibly reflects in his work. With a tenacious mind-set and inspired way of working, he takes charge of the African continent. Known as the office number-nut, his love for math is the first thing you will observe. His nonchalant demeanour and optimism makes him incredibly easy to be around.
Sagar Thakur
Anagha Keny IT Engineer Popular as the geeky one, she finds true love in the wonders of technology. She’s the problem-solver, who is on a perpetual lookout for challenges and new experiences. This IT engineer combines her skills and wittiness to decode the toughest tasks at hand. With an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and a sheer commitment towards her work, she is always found perfecting herself.
Anagha Keny
Sultana Varawalla Content & Social Media Her bandwidth of thought oscillates from midnight musings to daytime puns. Fusing her imagination with an energy that is almost palpable, she weaves magic with her irrevocable love for words. Her eye for detail and sharp sense of focus help her in creating and curating new content.
Sultana Varawalla
Harshada Kupekar Software Trainee Every team has an introvert who gradually surprises you with her intelligence and spontaneity. Here’s ours! Passionate about technology, our software trainee puts on her glasses and finds solutions to the trickiest problems. Her curiosity coupled with hunger for information makes her an avid learner.
Harshada Kupekar
Aniket Mainkar Software Trainee The livewire of our team, he never fails to surprise you with his creative ideas.This Software Trainee lives and breathes technology, with a passion for webpage designing.'Design is not just what it looks and feels like; design is how it works' – are the words he lives by. Along with being a quick learner, he is often found pushing himself an extra mile and setting higher benchmarks.
Aniket Mainkar

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